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SAVER Ultra Light boots are a total hit in the local NY and NJ markets. Our customers love it and for good reason. It's ultra light-weight at only 4.3 lbs for the pairs, water-proof, soft & flexible for a comfortable fit while providing exceptional protection against the environment due to its quality waterproof rubber, metal toe, and metal bottom plate for the ultimate protection.

  • Ultra Light only 4.3 lbs for the pair
  • Water Proof
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Soft insoles
  • Fabric inner
  • Metal Toe
  • Metal Plate for bottom protection


Actual customer complaints about our competing boots:

  • "Other black boots poke my ankles when I squat"
  • "I stand and walk all day, I feel like standing on stone or something"
  • "On lunch time, my feet is killing me so I have to take off boots and try to relax my feet as much as time I allowed.
  • "I spent over $100 on personal work boots, I can't wear these boots because they are too uncomfortable"



No matter how protective a pair of boots are, if it's uncomfortable to wear all day, it's not doing its job. You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for protection. SAVER boots are specifically made to address this concern and is manufactured with comfort in mind.  

Some of our customers say that it feels as if they're wearing sneakers. Due to the soft yet firm soles and inner fabric lining, it provides maximum comfort. Weighing up to 40% lighter than competing boots, you must try it on to believe it.

Ultra Light safety metal toe boots - waterproof Metal Plate Bottom Protection

Color: Grey
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