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James Bond, the founder of the brand, was a challenger

who wants to prove Korean merchants will rule the global market.

He dared to dream it and had the guts to achieve his goal.

Of course he sometimes faced several crisis like others and

overcame like some of others did.

It's not Samsung or LG but it's made by same people and country

it's not like shinny and advanced IT gigs but it's fundamental and

essential things you need them in your life.

Proudly introduce quality products of Korea to you

ARE YOU SAVER guarantees its quality

and we hope that in the future people won't even think to live

without products of SAVER!

James and SAVER's Vision

In the future

Best class in PPE

Save lives, Help people

People will use our products with their daily life. Home, work place, garden, farm, industrial site, and everywhere we can imagine.

Elon musk wears our gloves and safety glass and lauch his space x rocket to the Mars.

SAVER develops more and more.

It covers every personal protection equipment.

SAVER donate and distribute safety products to conutries where need and save lives.

Contributes goods like cloths, socks, hats and etc to people who need the most.

Donates SAVER products to countries where doesn't have proper safety gears.

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